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"This course is brilliant - very well put together with high definition footage and easy to understand descriptions of techniques. I have used much of the course material on the water and in theory and it is faultless. I just keep going over and over and it never gets old. Great job guys - I thoroughly recommend to beginner, intermediate and enthusiasts alike - great stuff 😎"

OSK Subscriber
Kevin, UK

"Great videos that really shows all the aspects of different strokes and skills. would recommend it for both novice kayakers as well as experienced paddlers. Lots of useful tips for me as a coach too."

OSK Subscriber
Anja, Norway

"Videos are brilliantly shot, simple to follow. Love the use of multiple angles, really helps to understand the full picture of a movement. Great resource, amazing!"

OSK Subscriber
Lee, UK

"Hello Simon and James, my working life (outside paddling) was in coaching young musicians so I can really appreciate the standards you are setting yourselves and the lengths you go to to get results; video analysis etc requires a lot of planning and time on the edit screen! Clear and concise instructions with well judged progressions like yours are the product of sustained thought and insight- and you back it up superbly (and generously) with consistent and progressive illustrations linked closely to the content. I've a lot of paddling time behind me- which means I can recognise something significant when it comes along- what you are doing with this series is notably good- very well done. You've even managed to induce this mean old Scot into parting with money.... up here that's a result! Thanks"

OSK Subscriber
David Simpson, Scotland

"This is by far the best educational videos I have found. Extremely well made videos and all subjects are very well explained, both how you do, and why you do it. The lessons are structured in a logical way, and divided into small parts, so you can practice each before you continue with next. I spent many hours this winter with it, and can't wait for the ice to disappear soon. Well worth every penny!"

OSK Subscriber
Lars, Sweden

"Only recently took out an annual subscription, just completed one course, “Deep Water Rescue”, and already feel that my money has been extremely well invested. Explanations are very clear, demonstrations are spot on, the filming from different angles etc paint the whole picture, absolutely first class course presentations. I have been paddling probably over 15 years, sea kayaking is my hobby, I feel I am ‘experienced yet just watching this first course I have been shown a significant number of new techniques. Regardless of your own skill level I have no hesitations about recommending Online Sea Kayaking to further your own knowledge and skills."

OSK Subscriber
Tony, UK

"Each lesson is well presented and clear giving good visual and spoken explanations. Great to watch for every level of paddler"

OSK Subscriber
Steve, New Zealand

"James and Simon are not only brilliant kayaks but great teachers as well. Every lesson teaches important concepts and skills, is focused, clearly presented, includes exercises to help you master the skills. I have learned so much from these videos already and am looking forward to learning more. Keep going, guys, more videos!"

OSK Subscriber
Tony, USA

"Great videos and lessons - James and Simon have thought carefully about the needs of sea kayakers and are continually evolving the library to meet clients needs. You don’t just pay for kayaking videos - you pay for the depth of their experience and the breadth of their love for the sport."

OSK Subscriber
Joe, Ireland

"Really happy to be a subscriber of Online Sea Kayaking. I'm a full time kayak instructor and find the online lessons to be a great reference source for my own skill development and understanding. The lessons are very clear and detailed, any questions are answered personally by the boys and they're always open to sharing of knowledge. Excellent customer care and product."

OSK Subscriber
Glenn, UK

"For most of us the travel restrictions meant very little opportunity to go out on the sea. The video tutorials that Simon and James put together was an absolute godsend, both educational and hugely enjoyable. It left me with a long list of things to practice. Or just to watch over and over and enjoy."

OSK Subscriber
Peter, Germany

"I have learnt so much from the online sea kayaking videos and there's still so much more to learn. You get so much for your money and can access it at your own pace. Brilliant. "

OSK Subscriber
Sarah, UK

"I have been very impressed with the course work and my hope is that other people will find it as helpful as I have. The quality of the videos and audio is amazing. More importantly is the way the two of you have broken down the content into manageable bites. Strokes, navigation etc are all broken down into manageable learning moments. The end user has the opportunity to watch them in any order they need to. All of these variables are what helped me succeed with the level 4. I was easily able to review content that I felt I needed more review of. For example the rule of 12's, I've watched that video several times, the same for some of the strokes. Even the video on reflection. I found it helpful to be able to watch them in any order I needed and as many times as I felt I needed to. "

OSK Subscriber
Marcus, Canada

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you for OSK - you guys have done something truly special, from quality of instruction to production and sheer pleasure of watching the courses! I have paddled much of my life but learned a ton (and there is still so much more to go through!), upgraded skills and learned new ones…. "

OSK Subscriber
Bjoern, USA

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