Frequently asked questions

How does the 7 day free trial work?

When you subscribe to OSK you will have to confirm details for payment through paypal  or Stripe but you will not be charged for 7 days after you subscribe.  During this period you can cancel anytime.

What is the difference between OSK and watching videos on you tube?

OSK have structured online sea kayaking courses with lots of individual lessons per course carefully put together to give you exercises to allow you to develop your skills in a logical order.  You can also upload videos for feedback and have unlimited support for the OSK Coaches.

How do I manage my subscription?

You are welcome to stop your subscription with OSK at any point. You can then choose to come back and resubscribe at a later date, maybe when a new course is added that you like the look of.

To unsubscribe click on your profile picture on the home page (this is the head image at the top right). After clicking on this you can go to settings and then billing info. You can cancel your subscription in this section. Any problems just drop us an email.

How do I update my payment method?

You can change the card that you use for your monthly or annual subscription by clicking on your profile picture on the home page (this is the head image at the top right). After clicking on this you can go to settings and then billing info. Any problems just drop us an email.

How do I change from a monthly plan to an annual subscription plan?

This will depend on a few factors.  A simple way to do this is to cancel your monthly subscription and then take out a new annual subscription.  If you have set up your subscription through our Stipe payment gateway then we can also change you over mannually if you send us an email.  If you have just paid for a monthly subscription when you decide to upgrade to an annual one let us know and we are happy to refund your last monthly payment.

Where are the courses filmed?

We have tried to use the best environments to help demonstrate the skills and exercises.  A lot of the flat water skills were filmed in Croatia and the surf was filmed in Cornwall.  The moving water content was all filmed in North Wales.

How often will there be more courses added?

We are working hard on new content right now.  We have lots of plans to release new courses including Paddling in wind, Expedition skills, Leadership and much much more

 What currency can I pay with?

You can subscribe using either GBP USD, EURO, CAD and AUD through our Stripe payment gateway

How do I upload videos for feedback?

You can upload videos through the facebook group and get feedback from the OSK coaches and community.  Or you can upload and add a link to the video on the comments section of the relevant lesson on the website.  Or if you just want to send a link using to [email protected]

What is the best way to use the website and course?

The Online Sea Kayaking Courses can be completed in many different ways.  You may want to take your time watch a lesson get out on the water practice the exercise on the course, upload a video for feedback and then when you are ready move on to the next lesson on the course. 

You may find it useful to watch all of the lessons over a few evenings then go back to the lessons you feel you need to work on and get out on the water and complete the exercises and get feedback and ask questions through the site.

Another option is to take your mobile devise down to the water and watch a video and then straight away do the exercise.  When you have got that exercise you can watch the next lesson.  While you have your device in a waterproof case get your paddling partner to take a video or two and upload them for feedback.

You may have booked into a course or are taking lessons on the water.  Use these courses and lessons to give you a greater understanding and to prepare you for your course or lesson on the water.

If you are a sea kayak coach there are lots of ideas to use while coaching. These courses and individual lessons break the strokes and techniques down into their key component parts and have lots of useful exercises to help paddlers develop their techniques.

Use the content in a way that suits you best and please ask questions and get feedback from us and the growing OSK community to help you progress. 

How do I watch the videos on my mobile device or tablet?

We have a dedicated app for both ios and Android devices.  Search for Kajabi in your app store and download the free app.  You can then your login details to access our videos on your devices without having to use the web browser.

How do I watch the lessons on my smart TV?

There are many different makes and models of devices and TVs so it is hard for us to give instructions for every combination.

In the kajabi app on your mobile device or tablet you will see a cast icon at the top corner of the video.  If you click this it should give you the option to cast to your smart TV.

If your TV has a web browser function you can access our website through this and watch the videos.

If you have a mobile device, tablet or laptop with a screen mirroring function you can use this to cast your devices screen to the TV.



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