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Every skill is broken down into structured videos using drones, slow motion, close ups, clear explanations and practice exercises

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Sample lesson 

In this lesson, from our 36 lesson Learning the Roll Course, we look at an overview of the roll.  

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David Simpson

Hello Simon and James,
my working life (outside paddling) was in coaching young musicians so I can really appreciate the standards you are setting yourselves and the lengths you go to to get results; video analysis etc requires a lot of planning and time on the edit screen! Clear and concise instructions with well judged progressions like yours are the product of sustained thought and insight- and you back it up superbly (and generously) with consistent and progressive illustrations linked closely to the content.
I've a lot of paddling time behind me- which means I can recognise something significant when it comes along- what you are doing with this series is notably good- very well done. You've even managed to induce this mean old Scot into parting with money.... up here that's a result!

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