What is Online Sea Kayaking all about?

Structured online skills courses. Each course is broken down into individual lessons with exercises to help you develop your sea kayaking skills. You can ask questions, get feedback and upload your own practice videos. Each video lesson is filmed to the highest standard with drones, super slow motion, underwater cameras, closeups and clear explanations. All filmed in stunning locations in the perfect conditions to demonstrate the skills.


Structured Online Courses

Every skill is broken down into structured videos using drones, slow motion, close ups, clear explanations and practice exercises


Monthly and annual subscriptions with a 7 day trial giving you access to all of the Online Sea Kayaking Courses. USD, GBP, AUD, CAD and EURO


Be a part of the Online Sea Kayaking community. Unlimited feedback and support - upload videos and ask any questions to help you progress

Paddling in tide

Here is an introduction to the Paddling in tide course with 28 detailed and structured individual lessons



Here is a little taster lesson from the 39 lesson staying upright course.


The Coaches

James Stevenson

James Stevenson is a highly qualified and experienced Sea Kayaker.  He loves sea kayaking and has an extensive portfolio of teaching experience across a wide range of client groups. Patient and calm, he has a real knack for developing and building confidence. James is a BCU Level 5 Coach, the highest level qualification in kayaking. 

Simon Osborne

Simon has been helping kayakers to develop their skills for over 25 years. He has coached all over the world and completed numerous major sea kayak expeditions.  He is a BCU Level 5 coach with a passion for helping others experience the amazing world of sea kayaking

Surfing a sea kayak

Here is an individual lesson from the 42 lesson surfing a sea kayak course


Subscribe to access all 

For less than the price of a days on the water coaching you can subscribe to Online Sea Kayaking for a year.  Subscription gives you access to all of the website content.  You can upload videos for feedback and ask questions as part of the OSK community.  Subscriptions can be set up in £, € or $ monthly or annually.


Check out all of the courses in the OSK Library


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