Online Sea Kayaking is an online coaching website with structured courses.  Simon and James are well known sea kayak coaches and have in depth knowledge and a clear passion for kayaking.  Each individual lesson is designed with exercises and learning in logical stages.  You can ask questions, upload practice videos for feedback and get unlimited help from the OSK coaches and community.  


Level 5 Coaches

Both James and Simon hold the BCU Level 5 Coach the highest level within British Canoeing


Simon and James have gained an incredible amount of experience from the many personal and group expeditions they have been involved with.

White water

White water has played a big part in the understanding they both have for boat handling in dynamic waters.  This is brought into many of the lessons to help you develop a solid technique.


Watch all of the Online Sea Kayaking content, ask questions and receive feedback on your videos. All for just £9.99, €10.99 or $11.99 per month with no cancelation fees and a free 7 day trial.

Different ways to complete the courses

The Online Sea Kayaking Courses can be completed in many different ways.  You may want to take your time watch a lesson get out on the water practice the exercise on the course, upload a video for feedback and then when you are ready move on to the next lesson on the course. 

You may find it useful to watch all of the lessons over a few evenings then go back to the lessons you feel you need to work on and get out on the water and complete the exercises and get feedback and ask questions through the site.

Another option is to take your mobile devise down to the water and watch a video and then straight away do the exercise.  When you have got that exercise you can watch the next lesson.  While you have your device in a waterproof case get your paddling partner to take a video or two and upload them for feedback.

You may have booked into a course or are taking lessons on the water.  Use these courses and lessons to give you a greater understanding and to prepare you for your course or lesson on the water.

If you are a sea kayak coach there are lots of ideas to use while coaching. These courses and individual lessons break the strokes and techniques down into their key component parts and have lots of useful exercises to help paddlers develop their techniques.

Use the content in a way that suits you best and please ask questions and get feedback from us and the growing OSK community to help you progress. 


OSK Coach - James Stevenson

James Stevenson is a highly qualified and experienced Sea Kayaker. He’s never happier than when he’s out on the water. Based in North Wales, he runs Adventure Elements and his sea kayaking courses paddle the beautiful waters around Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula. Teeming with wildlife and with a backdrop of stunning coastal scenery, this is a wonderful place to paddle.

James loves sea kayaking and has an extensive portfolio of teaching experience across a wide range of client groups. Patient and calm, he has a real knack for developing and building confidence. 

James is a BCU Level 5 Coach, the highest level qualification in kayaking. It identifies a competent, motivated individual with a depth and wealth of knowledge, who provides reliable, practical coaching and guidance up to a high level. James also has International Sea Kayak Guide Association (ISKGA) Advanced Guide  / Module Provider status. This is well respected around the world.

As well as running a variety of sea kayaking courses in North Wales, James coaches on an international basis. He also runs bespoke expeditions further afield. 

Find out more about Adventure Elements, by contacting James Stevenson by emailing [email protected]; he’ll be delighted to hear from you. www.adventureelements.com

OSK Coach - Simon Osborne

Simon Osborne started kayaking when he was 7 years old. He is a BC Level 5 coach and advanced sea kayak leader assessor. His introduction to the world of kayaking was through Whitewater but after circumnavigating Great Britain in 2002 his passion turned to the sea. He began a career of teaching sea kayaking and guiding expeditions, while planning personal expeditions in his free time.

In 2002 Simon became the youngest person to circumnavigate Great Britain which took 112 days of kayaking. In 2004 he completed a solo circumnavigation of Ireland in 6 weeks. In 2009 Simon attempted to become the first person to circumnavigate Madagascar. In 2011, Simon and Marin Medak became the first people to paddle the coastline of South Korea. His most recent expedition was to row across the Atlantic as part of a four-man crew which took 45 days to complete.

“My biggest adventure to date was the circumnavigation of Great Britain, this was my first big expedition and I was pushed to my limit both physically and mentally. The expedition was in memory of my brother Mark, whom we lost to Leukaemia when I was just 9 years old. The expedition raised over £22,000 for the Leukaemia Research. Losing my brother taught me the importance to make the most of what you have as you never know when it will be taken away.”

From kayaking with alligators in Florida to rock hopping through Icelandic lava fields to surfing clean barrelling waves in Cornwall, it’s the variety the sport offers that keeps Simon interested and coming back for more.


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