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Our Monthly and Annual subscriptions gives you access to all of the high quality OSK online courses. You also get unlimited feedback from the OSK coaches and access to the OSK Community FaceBook Group.

With over 19 hours of high quality video lessons, the OSK library is an incredible resource for any sea kayaker.  As a monthly subscriber you have access to all of the courses and content and as new courses are developed these will automatically be added to your library.

See our courses page for details about the amazing content and how this will help you develop your sea kayaking skills and knowledge. The OSK library includes all of the following courses:-

  • Surfing a sea kayak
  • Sea kayak rescues
  • Staying upright
  • Paddling in tide
  • Navigation and planning
  • Ruddering masterclass
  • Edging and Turning
  • Core principles
  • Bonus material

Subscribe in a variety of different currencies with a free 7 day trial.


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