New Turning lessons

edging new lessons turning Jul 09, 2021

We are super proud of these new lessons on turning a sea kayak.  Being efficient at turning your sea kayak is important for any paddler.  No matter what your level of experience there is always room for improvement.  We have both coached 100's of sea kayakers to help develop their turning skills and we have put all of the exercises and skills we have developed into these lessons.  

The turning lessons have landed into the end of the edging course because we felt that you cant do the turning skills without a solid foundation on edging.  We have therefore, imaginatively,  renamed the edging course the 'Edging and Turning Course'.

The use of slow motion clips and drone shots have helped us show the techniques in detail that we could never do in on the water coaching sessions.  It is with skills like this that you can really see how online video learning compliments your sessions on the water so well.  

We are really looking forward to seeing some videos of your practice sessions and we hope you enjoy the course.


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