Tide race filming

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2020

With lockdown easing we finally got the opportunity to film the tide race section to the paddling in tide course.  The weather forecast was perfect and we hoped to get some great conditions to be able to clearly demonstrate the different skills.  The first session James took to the water at Penryn Mawr for a late afternoon paddle.  It takes quite some tome to set up for the filming and by the time the cameras were in place the tide was at full flow.  Penryn Mawr was the perfect size and shape.  A friendly playful race which was exactly what we had been hoping for.  We filmed for hours and hours until the tide started to ease off and James arms were ready to fall off too.  The next filming session was at North Stack race where the aim was to film rescues and exercises involving other paddlers. Phil Clegg and Murco Goldhousen joined us on the water and again we were blessed with great conditions.  The winds were stronger making it a little nerve racking with the new drone but the shelter from the cliffs enabled us to get some controlled and clean shots of the various skills and exercises.  With the bank of other footage already captured this new content will enable us to produce a fantastic tide race paddling resource that we hope to launch into the OSK library soon.


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